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Pupil Premium 2018/2019

Pupil Premium 2018-19
Newton School

For the Financial Year 2018 to 2019 Newton Primary School will receive £13,200.

We have 9 children eligible for the Pupil Premium Grant.

The aim of the funding is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and close the gap between them and their peers.

Barriers to learning include emotional and social difficulties, home life, routines and organisation, social care, attendance, mental health and special educational needs.

Schools can choose how to spend the Pupil premium Grant. We plan to use the funding the following ways:


Learning: Personalised support, learning packages including 1-1 and small group teaching, supporting children to access the curriculum, breakfast club, afterschool club and homework clubs.

Success: Enhanced pastoral support, Social Emotional Reliance in School (SERIS) support.

Opportunity: Encouraging breadth through enrichment, music tuition, Arts events, learning outside the classroom; educational visits, clubs and equipment.

See the full action plan for 2018-2019 which is attached below. The review date for our Pupil Premium policy is 13th March 2019. The school reviews and records the impact of our Pupil Premium policy every term. However, due to our small cohorts, this information is stored within school rather than on the website to maintain confidentiality.